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  "A DJ Britain should be proud of." - BRIAN ENO 
  "That was a real conversation" - VAN MORRISON
  "I'm a big fan of what you do in your shed" - PETER GABRIEL


Welcome to 'Mark Coles Music' - home to exciting new music from around the planet, the weekly music radio show THE SHED and much more. Where music fans come to listen...and musicians come to chat.


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A special guest this week.....

Singer-songwriter Peter Bruntnell talks about Donald Trump, the end of the world and his excellent new album 'Nos Da Comrade'. Two live songs too. 

THE SHED #244 (29.04.2016)

The final recordings of the late great New Orleans pianist Allen Toussaint...and a song about Donald Trump ! 


THE SHED #243 (25.04.2016)

Top tunes from around the planet...including a song penned by the 6 year old. Her first ever.

d the 39 minute mark for any of her friends tuning in !) 


Portuguese fado, South African guitar and a gypsy orchestra from Budapest. More top tunes from the bottom of the garden 

THE SHED #241 

New music from around the world...including possibly the most beautiful album I've heard this year, so far.

I've got a special guest this week......

The Irish singer songwriter Lisa O'Neill talking about Easter 1916, nasty men and pot holes in the sky.


'It's the end of the world as we know it, but I feel fine'. New music from Haiti, the Balkans, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ditton Delta songsmith Peter Bruntnell.


Some special guests this week

A top band with a gorgeous new album.

Hear Martin Hayes and Thomas Bartlett from Irish/US band The Gloaming in conversation. 


Some special guests this week....

The US/Australian folk trio Applewood Road talking about their beautifully understated debut album. 

THE SHED #231 (17.01.2016)

R.I.P David Bowie.

THE SHED ALBUMS OF 2015...... Numbers 1 to 10

Who will it be ? Listen here. For the full top 50 listing go to 'The Shed albums of 2015' page on this website

THE SHED ALBUMS OF 2015...... Numbers 11 to 20


Find the full top 50 Shed Albums Of The Year on 'The Shed albums of 2015' page on this website 


A much welcome special guest this week.

The US singer songwriter Rickie Lee Jones


THE SHED #215 (24.09.2015)

An album of the year contender

The Cameroonian musician, Blick Bassy, talks about his new album, why it's been inspired by the 1920s bluesman, Skip James, and why it's sung in the obscure Cameroonian dialect of Bassa. A good one this week.  


All the highlights from amidst the rain and the mud

Part 1

Music + chat from Mbongwana Star, John Metcalfe, Toto La Momposina, The Soil + Acholi Machon


Part 2 

The Honduran singer Aurelio, Israel's Ester Rada and British folk group Spiro


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